Biomass Dryer
Biomass Dryer

The dryer system is conventional pneumatic flash dryer. The hot gas carries the materials pneumatically and drying would be achieved by intimate mixing of hot gas with...

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Biomass Gasifiers
biomass gasifiers

The Gasifier unit is essentially a chemical reactor, where several thermo-chemical processes such as pyrolysis, combustion, and reduction take place...

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Fully Automatic Burner

The production of good quality gas from wood is just one half of the solution. The solution is complete only when an appropriately designed burner is used to burn...

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Briquetting Press
Briquetting Press

The process of "BRIQUETTING" is the physical transformation of the loose raw material into a compact form. The form change results in a much higher specific...

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INFINITE is one of the rare companies in the world providing a complete range of products worldwide for harnessing Biomass Energy.

The company is being promoted by passionate team of technocrats , having experience of almost two decades in Biomass to Energy Sector.

The development of Biomass Processing & Conversing technology requires specific know-how, technical skills and experience. With more than twenty years of focused dedication, Infinite has been successfully providing end to end biomass to energy solutions around the world.

With such long span of experience Infinite have developed unique & absolutely reliable technically sound customized products for each of its customers. We offers all that is needed to facilitate the successful implementation of Biomass Energy projects .

Operating from its headquarters in New Delhi, India IEPL has built an international sales network spread over Europe, Israel, Latin America, Philippines, Turkey, Australia, Russia, USA , Pakistan & Bangladesh. The company is an approved manufacturer by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy , Govt. Of India for Biomass Gasification Plant.

Infinite Products Range

Strength is our understanding of biomass. We have Indigenously developed technologies and designs. We practically cover the entire value chain from conveying, drying, chopping, chipping, grinding, briquetting and gasification of biomass.

The product range includes:

  • Biomass Dryers
    • Flash Dryers (IFD series)
    • Rotary cum Flash Dryers (RFD series)
    • Continuous wood chip dryers
    • Batch type Wood block dryers
  • Biomass Gasifiers
    • Updraft Gasifier
    • Pellet Gasifier
    • Universal Gasifier
  • Biomass Pelleting / Chillet making plant
    • 15 to 25 mm dia Chillets
  • Biomass Briquetting Plant
    • Impact type Press -"Little Master"
    • Screw Extruder Press
  • Fully Automatic Producer gas burners
  • Biomass Holding Bins (Live Bottom)
  • Biomass conveying systems
  • Biomass Rotary screens for fines separation
  • Biomass Grinders
  • Wood Chippers

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