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Infinite Universal Biomass Gasifer Series

Infinite Universal Gasifers (UG Series) are based on downdraft gasifier (OT) Principle.

Universal gasifers have the ability to convert a practically any biomass into high quality producer gas with negligible tars. The only limitation in this gasifier is the fuel size, which is to be limited to 10 to 30 mm. The universal gasifier is unique in its ability to gasify Pellets (> 8mm) , Briquettes (< 30mm) & Loose Biomass like Rice Husk , Coconut Shell , Soya Husk, Ground Nut shell etc that contain high ash and have poor flow properties.

The technology with its unique reactor design and the efficient feeding system is based on more than 15 years of continuous product development.

Universal gasifiers are best suited for applications where clean fuel gas is required and where temperature control is critical. These biomass gasifier can be used in applications requiring moderate temperatures upto 600 Deg C.

This gasifier is suitable for internal combustion engines after appropriate cleaning.

The time (5-10 minutes) needed to ignite and bring plant to working temperature with good gas quality is shorter than updraft gas producer.

Main features of Infinite Universal (UG Series) Biomass Gasification Technology.

  1. Very small foot print .
  2. Fully automated operation from Biomass Feeding to ash removal from reactor.
  3. No water pollution and related pollution control requirements.
  4. Quick start capability the system can be started in 12 minutes.
  5. Short delivery schedule of less than 8 weeks.
  6. Installation & commissioning within 4 days and minimum disruption in plant operation.

INFINITE UG Series Gasifer Model List

(Model - RG Series - Suitable for Thermal Applications)

# Biomass Consumption based on 12% moisture, * Fuel : Rice Husk/ Wood Chips/Pellets , Coconut Shell , Ground Nut Shell Only ,

* Prices are inclusive of Suitable Dry Filter, Fine Filters ,Chiller etc for Ultra Gas Cleaning , Cooling For Clean Gas Mode / Power Mode : Fully Automated Fuel Feeding System, Automated Ash Removal System , All prices are valid for 60 days Only