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Fully Automatic Burner

The production of good quality gas from wood is just one half of the solution. The solution is complete only when an appropriately designed burner is used to burn the gas.

We have indigenously developed a wide range of fully automatic burners from capacities ranging from 50,000 kcal/hr to 10,00,000 kcal/hr for burning hot producer-gas which are suitable for almost every type of application.. These burners are loaded with all the safety features of conventional automatic burners. We offer single stage, double stage or continuously modulating type burners depending upon the capacity and application.

We have a wide range of burners in our range We have four distinct types of burners designed to suit different types of application.

IINFINITE Vortex Burner : These are compact fully automatic burners that are specially designed to suit low & medium temperature requirements (upto 750 oC) in applications like hot-air-generators, ovens (all types), thermic fluid heaters, boilers etc. These are available in single stage, double stage and modulating control variants as per the requirements of the process.

The list of models available and their equivalent popular burner models are indicated below:

INFINITE Vortex Model Bentone Ecoflam Riello F.B.R
Vortex-100 (60 - 115 KWth) BG200, STG120, B20, ST133 MINOR8, MINOR8R MAJOR10 RG2, RG2D, RG2F, RDB4, 40G10, 40N10 G2 Series
Vortex-200 (120 - 230 KWth) STG146, BG300, ST146, B2, B30A MINOR12, MINOR12R, OILFLAM20, MAJOR15 RG3, RG3D, RD3D, RG3F, RG4F, 40F10, 40G20, 40N20, BS3D, BS3 GX3 Series
Vortex -300 (180 - 345 KWth) BG400, B40A MINOR20, MINOR30, OILFLAM30, MAJOR20, MAJOR25 RG4S, RG5S, RG4D, RG4F, RG5DF, PRESS GW,G24,GV, 40F20, 40G20S, GAS3, GAS24, BS4, BS40 GX4, GL30 Series

INFINITE Swirl Burner : These are specially designed burners which produce a vertical upwards flame suitable for heating large woks or "karhais". These burners come in two capacities, viz., 105 KWth (10 lph Diesel equivalent) and 210 KWth (20 lph Diesel equivalent)

INFINITE Jet Burner : These are suited for high temperature ( Furnace temperatures upto 900oC) applications with constant loads like annealing and reheating furnaces. These are made to order burners.

INFINITE Long Flame Burner: These are suited for low temperature application requiring long flames where the furnace area is larges viz. automatic fryers ( chain conveyor type).