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Batch Type Wood Block Dryers

The dryer shall consist of two adjacently located drying bins of approx. 1 m3 volume each, an expansion duct at the gas inlet to the bin a blower and ventilation hood with exhausters.

The drying bin shall be filled with wet biomass to be dried from the top of the bin. The Exhaust gas from the Gas Engine shall be mixed with atmospheric air from the blower to bring its temperature down to 120 130 Deg C. The hot gas shall enter the drying bin through the inlet expansion duct, and pass through the biomass filled in the drying bin and exit the bin trough the perforated front and from the top of the drying bin. In the process, the biomass being in intimate contact with hot gas shall be dried.

After the end of the drying cycle, the drying bin would be emptied by simply opening the perforated front plate of the bin, which rests on hinges. The two bin would be operated alternately, so that one bin is working as a dryer,while the other is discharged of dried wood & loaded with fresh wood. Each batch would generate 350 -400kgs of dry biomass with 15% moisture content. The batch cycle time would be 4 hours.

The dryer would be provided with ventilation hoods to exhaust the humid air into the atmosphere via a 6 m high stack, located outside the plant building.

Silent feature of Wood Block dryer

  1. High drying efficiency and low energy costs.
  2. Batch processing .
  3. Low operator overheads and minimum maintenance costs.
  4. Capable of processing high capacities in a relatively small amount of space.
  5. Ease of installation.